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New Leaf Product Review

Foam rollers are excellent for tight muscles. Tight muscle can cause pain in joints such as knees and shoulder joints. The larger muscle groups such as thigh and bicep muscles can become tight if they are put under stain. Once these big muscle tightens it pulls tight on the smaller and lest robust tendons that attach to and around joints.  These tightened tendons then become inflamed because of the tension put on them by these large muscles groups causing pain.

Foam rollers massage the muscle and encourage them to release which in turn takes the pressure off the tendons allowing increased blood flow to the tendons and therefore healing of the inflamed tendons.

Best results seem to be with daily short 5 min bursts rather than weekly longer sessions. Foam rolling is simple and effective at releasing many pains blamed on joints when the real corporate is generally the larger muscle pulling on the joint.

Rollers don’t have to be expensive you can buy them from Big-W or Kmart.

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